About the program

We are a Belarusian company created with the aim of optimizing work with contracts and documents for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities by automating processes and, as a result, ensuring accessibility by saving clients' funds.


More than 200 documents

The site contains more than 200 documents of various topics necessary for economic activity

Data transfer

The program remembers the filled data and automatically transfers it to any other open document

Variability of conditions

Most documents provide the opportunity to select suitable conditions that change the content of the document accordingly

Tips and Warranty

All documents were drawn up by lawyers, there are also tips for review

Technical and legal assistance

For technical questions, you can contact via chat or e-mail info@boriusdoc.com, legal services are also provided on all important topics

Convenience and simplicity

An uncomplicated interface and the ability to fill out documents online will significantly reduce the time when preparing the necessary documents