Appointment of director, accountant, adoption of acts

  1. Appointment of the Director
  2. Appointment of an accountant
  3. Local regulations and labor protection

1. Appointment of the Director

A) The director is not the founder

Requirements for such a director:

- Recommended: higher education and work experience in senior positions for at least 5 years. However, it is possible to hire a person without taking into account these requirements;

- For organizations with a licensed type of activity, as a rule, it is required that the head has a higher education corresponding to the activity;

It is necessary to formalize an employment contract and other documents, you can read more in the instructions employment.


- With a licensed type of activity, you can hire a director to fulfill the requirements of the license to the head;

- With a lack of experience of the founder, the director will be able to help with the management of the enterprise.


- It is necessary to hire, assign a salary, pay the FSZN and Belgosstrakh;

- The founder may not be aware of the decisions made by the director.

B) Founding Director

It is enough in decision to create a PMC or decision to create an LLC with a single founder to prescribe: "appoint the founder's full name as director", it is also necessary to publish appointment order". Our program has these documents. Next, you need to create a personal file and fill out the rest of the documents as prescribed in the instructions hiring.

It is not necessary to conclude an employment contract. However, if you want to issue it, you need to authorize by proxy another person to sign it from the legal entity.


- The founder directly manages all processes at the enterprise;

- You can save on the cost of the director.


- It is necessary to issue a personal file, assign a salary to yourself, pay the FSZN and Belgosstrakh;

- With a licensed type of activity, it is necessary to meet the requirements for the director.

C) Managing Director of an individual entrepreneur or a management company

It is enough to conclude between your legal entity and the manager contract for the provision of management services, which is in our program. Such an individual entrepreneur-manager cannot be the owner (founder) of a private company, in an LLC, a member of the company can simultaneously be the manager of his own company.


- the manager is not a full-time employee of the PMC, which reduces the number of employees;

- there is no need to pay FSZN and Belgosstrakh;

- the manager can be held responsible.


- it is impossible to hire a manager for licensed activities when a full-time manager with a specialized education is required;

- the founder may not be aware of the decisions being made.

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2. Appointment of an accountant

A) At the USN with the maintenance of the book of income and expenses

If a private unitary enterprise or LLC keeps a book of income and expenses, then it is not required to hire a chief accountant or enter into a contract for the provision of accounting services. The director can conduct it independently.

B) In accounting

A) The director himself may keep accounting records, provided that the following requirements are met:

1) the average number of employees for a calendar year does not exceed 15 people;

2) the presence of the head of higher or secondary special education, providing in accordance with the legislation of the right to work in the specialty of an accountant, and work experience in the specialty of an accountant for at least three years;

3) lack of head outstanding or unwithdrawn conviction for the crime against property and the exercise of economic activity.

If you decide to assign the duties of an accountant to the director, then you need to issue the appropriate order.

B) If the higher requirements are not met, it remains only either to hire an accountant, or to conclude an agreement with an individual entrepreneur or an organization engaged in accounting outsourcing.

We recommend using the accounting services of our partners, who are proven professionals in their field. When ordering through our website, there are no overpayments, but on the contrary, you will receive advice promptly, and if you agree, the whole range of accounting services for your business.

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3. Local regulations and labor protection

A) Mandatory acts at any enterprise, including without employees:

- An order on the appointment of a person responsible for labor protection, instructions on labor protection for each profession and type of activity of the enterprise, an introductory briefing program, magazines (sheets) of familiarization with them.

For activities without danger to others, you can do with the list of documents provided in our program. For activities in transport, construction, licensed, we recommend using the labor protection services of specialists - sole proprietors and legal entities.

- Internal labor regulations (all these documents can be found in the "Related Documents" section).

B) Mandatory if there are employees in the company:

- Regulations on remuneration (tariff schedule, bonuses, procedure for reimbursement of employees' costs, etc.) (all these documents can be found in the section "Drelated documents");

- Vacation schedule;

- Work schedules (shifts) (if there are several shifts);

Hiring an employee -> in a separate instruction;

Contracts necessary for the implementation of activities -> can be found in the site menu at the top.

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