Outsourcing of accounting services

Outsourcing of accounting services in Belarus

Accounting outsourcing takes a leading position in the ranking of popular services for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses. The essence of the service is the implementation of documentary support in the field of economic and financial activities of the company, in which the corresponding reporting is generated. Many businessmen find it unprofitable to hire a full-time accountant, and therefore an outsourced accounting service has been developed for them. Experienced specialists will perform the necessary tasks in various fields, and therefore you do not need to hire full-time employees for a permanent job.

Working with our company, you get the assistance of qualified experts who seamlessly execute the following activities in the area of outsourcing:

  1. Calculation of salaries and related deductions.
  2. Record keeping of costs.
  3. Formation, sending and control of reports.
  4. Personnel accounting.
  5. Registration of basic accounting documentation.
  6. Tracking communications with tax authorities.
  7. Optimization of financial activity.

We offer to order complex services or the implementation of a specific list of works.

Accounting outsourcing

Employees of our company quickly and efficiently resolve any issues that arise within the competence of accountants. We keep accounting records, at the same time we develop a special software solution for minimizing expenses, as well as provide advice on tax issues. Distributing accounting and tax tasks, our specialists will easily accompany any business processes based on all legal requirements.

The price of the service is a list of advantages.

Professional accounting is a guarantee of the success of your company in general. Optimization of the tax burden, elimination of penalties for violating the deadlines for submitting accounting acts to regulatory authorities, savings on paying salaries to full – time accountants-all this can be obtained by cooperating with our company.

Nuances of the event

Accounting outsourcing will save money, because no longer need to purchase and set up special equipment and accounting software. The client does not have to spend money to develop the qualifications and training of existing staff. In the first days of cooperation, our company will provide comprehensive support in the implementation of analytical studies on the full range of business processes, prepare reports and send them to the appropriate authorities.

Benefits of cooperation.

  1. Each specialist has worked in the field of accounting for at least 10 years on average.
  2. Quality Service Guarantee.
  3. Cooperation with us will allow you to interact with professionals, and therefore the quality of the services provided will be at the highest level, including in the case of remote work.
  4. We work with clients on the basis of an agreement providing accounting services, it is the guarantor of compliance with all requirements of the Belarusian legislation.

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