Registration of companies and representative offices

On the territory of the Republic of Belarus, foreigners can open a company of any organizational-legal form. Often, the service is used by investors who conduct various business activities. As a rule, foreign individuals invest in trade, production and IT. As a rule, foreign individuals invest in trade, production and in the IT sector. Businessmen from a large number of countries come to the Republic of Belarus. The maximum level of activity was recorded among businessmen from the Russian Federation, the EU, China and the United States.

Opportunity for foreigners to register a company in Belarus.

Foreign persons have qual rights with residents of Belarus to become a member or to register newly established legal entity in the Republic of Belarus. For a better understanding, we present several requirements that must be met by the participant/ founder of the Belarusian company:

1. Individuals – citizens of any country with full legal capacity in accordance with the laws of the state of residence, provided that they reach the age of 18 years.
2. Acting foreign legal entities of any organizational and legal form (without initiating liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings against them).

Important factors when choosing the form of a legal entity for a foreign business:
1. If the owner of 25% (or more) if the company is a legal entity, then such an organization cannot switch to a simplified taxation system.

Differences in the legal status of the founder affect the list of documents that the business owner must provide when registering a company in the Republic of Belarus.

Foreign companies must collect the following package of documents:
A legalized extract from the trade register of the country of establishment or a similar act certifying the existence of the company (issued by state authorities and issued in accordance with the provisions of the legislation) with a translation into Belarusian or Russian.

If the founder is an individual, it is enough to provide a notarized copy of the passport with a translation into Belarusian or Russian.

It should be noted that the authenticity of documents issued by government agencies of foreign countries, is certified in various ways:
1. There is no need to legalize documents with the official seal of the Russian Federation.
2. It is necessary to affix an Apostille (for example, EU, USA, Morocco, Australia).
3. Consular legalization (for example, almost all Arab states, Singapore and Canada).

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  • A branch is a separate subdivision of a legal entity. The advantage of the branch will be the ease of creation and, subsequently, closing.


The right to manage a company with foreign participants

A legal entity with foreign participants can be headed by a founder or any third party. Head of the organization can be a foreign person as well. Requirements for registration vary depending on the country of citizenship.

The following options are possible:

  1. Citizenship in the EAEU countries implies activity on the territory of Belarus without obtaining a special work permit.
  2. Citizenship in a country that is not part of the EAEU implies obtaining a special permit to work in the Republic of Belarus.

If it is necessary to obtain a special permit, should be borne in mind that the application for obtaining a permit can be considered for at least 15 days. If the future manager is not the founder of the organization, then the consideration of the application may take up to 45 days.

Taxes for legal entities with foreign participation

Briefly tell us about this nuance is quite difficult. If we consider the basic taxation, it makes sense to describe the complexes of taxes: STS and GTS, as well as taxes which are deductible from employees' salaries. Payments that form 90% of the tax burden for the majority of businesses in Belarus will be considered.

In case of choosing simplified taxation, the payer is obliged to pay tax in the amount of 5% of gross receipts without VAT or 3% with VAT. The value added tax value is 20%.

If the general taxation system is chosen, income tax in the amount of 18% is charged from the proceeds. At the same time, additional taxes need to be paid that do not create a burden on the business.

Features of the simplified tax system:

  1. Some types of activities do not fall under the possibility of using the STS.
  2. Simplified taxation provides for restrictions in the field of gross revenue and the number of employees. The specified parameters are changed. At the moment, the revenue limit is 600,000 US dollars, while you can hire up to 50 employees.

The predominant amount of the tax burden is payroll taxes. The enterprise collects from each employee and transfers to the budget 13% of wages in the form of income tax and 1% of salaries as a contribution to the Social Security Fund. The employer pays pension insurance in the amount of 34% of the salary and 0.2% of the salary in the form of accident insurance.

Benefits for foreign investors in Belarus.

At the moment, the establishment of a Belarusian company by a foreign person is not a basis for granting benefits. At the same time, foreigners can enjoy standard benefits.

These types of benefits are divided into territorial regimes and regimes by type of activity. The most important regimes are:

  1. Free economic zones in all regions, including Minsk.
  2. Industrial Park «Great Stone».
  3. Rural areas and small settlements.

A nuance in the regime of benefits for rural areas and small settlements is their provision to producers of goods and services on the basis of their location. At the same time, other territorial regimes provide for the observance of additional formal procedures.

The main category of benefits for enterprises in IT sector is the Hi-Tech Park. HTP residents can be representatives of the custom or grocery sector. Benefits are provided, among other things, to mining and cryptocurrency trading companies. The HTP has both dedicated premises for carrying out activities, and provides the opportunity to carry out activities outside the physical boundaries of the HTP.

You can get detailed information about the benefits for each regime by reading the relevant publications on our website. It is worth noting that most of the benefit regimes allow you to save 50% or more on income tax, VAT and pension insurance tax.

On an individual basis, foreigners can receive benefits after signing an investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus. Basically, such cooperation attracts investors who plan to invest a significant amount of money, but they need to provide a land plot for doing business.

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