Business registration by residents of Russia

Opening a business by residents of Russia

The following is an overview of the procedure for the provision of legal services for the registration of a legal entity, in particular a Limited Liability Company, in the Republic of Belarus by a citizen / citizens or a legal entity / persons of the Russian Federation with the involvement of legal services by our organization.

The main question when registering an LLC by residents of the Russian Federation is whether there are any restrictions for Russians to open a business in the Republic of Belarus?

The answer is simple - no. Any Russian individual or legal entity can become a founder of a Belarusian LLC.

What information is needed to register a legal entity in Belarus?

Priority information:

Please note that for non-residents of the Republic of Belarus, we offer our candidacy as a management organization (company) – an analogue of the director. Assuming the status of a management organization also involves the implementation by our organization of representative, legal, personnel, accounting functions with periodic reporting to the founders of the organization.

Secondary information (can be solved after the moment of registration):

Required documents for registration:

Let's consider two options for carrying out the registration procedure of the organization – with the personal presence of the individual founders in the registration authority of Belarus or remotely by providing a power of attorney to the employees of our organization:

- If the founder is an individual, then it is necessary to send a notarized copy of the passport and a power of attorney. Sometimes notaries require a copy of the lawyer's passport, you can request it in advance before visiting the notary.

- If the founder is a legal entity, then you will need a notarized power of attorney (the draft of which is in the appendix to this article) and an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (original with an official stamp no older than six months). Please note that the authorized person who issued the power of attorney and the person indicated in the extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities must match.

Important rule: if a Russian legal entity has only one individual or legal entity as a part of the founders, then it cannot be the only participant of the Belarusian legal entity, that is, it will be necessary to add at least one more participant (it is possible to add a participant with a 0.01% share) either to the Russian legal entity or to the Belarusian one. Nevertheless, from 04/28/2021, the Law of the Republic of Belarus No. 95-Z of 05.01.2021 "On Amendments to Laws on business companies" enters into force, according to which an organization will be able to have another economic community consisting of one participant as the sole participant.

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